Iyara Wanich Company Limited was established on 24th April, 2007 to engage in the construction business. Company job descriptions are building construction, civil work, public utility system including real estate management services with our expert and long experience in construction work. In 2011, the company has seen the construction problems, so the company changes the policy into pre-engineered building and more focus on the pre-engineered building.


In 2012, the company has signed the contract to be an official agent to sell pre-engineered building from Australia and other products by holding one principle which is "being honest and thoughtful with our quality work plus impressive pre-sale and after-sale service". At the present, Iyara Wanich is trusted from national customers and global companies.


Iyara Wanich still aims to develop potential employees, installation teams and services continuously to maintain quality standard and impressive service .


To deliver standardized products from the factory, and satisfy customer needs with quality and impressive service.


To be a leader of the production and distribution of pre-engineered warehouse factory and automation systems within 5 years.