Warehouse Automate Solutions

Warehouse Automate Solutions provides modern automation solutions to meet the needs of modern warehouses and factories. Bring automation to help manage warehouses to help increase storage space, conveying, transferring, and shipping goods. It is another option for managing products within the factory. A iyarawanich cooperates with business partners in the field of robots to be one of the methods that make your business manageable in a systematic, safe, accurate manner and reduce errors in the work of workers. and drive your business to grow in the future Products used in warehouse and factory systems: It is a Stacker system.

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Turnkey Engineering

Use Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) with high bay warehouses and shuttle buses. Intended to reduce space in the warehouse to achieve higher efficiency and productivity. Through various systems used to assist warehouse operations.

Highbay and shuttle location

1. There are 4 types as follows:

Singer Column Stacker

Double Column Stacker

Miniload Stacker

Armoured Fire Stacker

2. Transportation and conveyor system through a belt system and packed into pallets: FUNCTION CONVEYOR AND PALLETS.

Every part of the equipment is designed to be able to move from one area to another along the belt, suitable for all types of industrial plants used. Conveyor system in the production process to make transportation faster and easier.

• Various pallets
• Speed chain conveyor
• Grid conveyor
• Flexible plate chain conveyor
• Roller conveyor
• Synchronous belt
• Belt conveyor
• Chain machine conveyor

Convayor and pallets


The automatic moving vehicle system uses a system of sensors and compressors to remember the position of the barcode display in order to move the goods. You can enter commands and remember the location and can plan the route precisely. Can be classified into 6 types as follows:

• Battery handling AGV
• Submerged lift type AGV
• Forklift type AGV
• Single cantilever AGV
• Magazine loading AGV
• Roll Lifting AGV

IYARA WANICH Warehouse automate solutions

The software facilitates management by displaying digital images. Efficiently manage and plan product storage You can check the quantity, size, and type of products in real time. You can also use the data to evaluate for further development. There are steps for operating and displaying results as follows.

IYARA WANICH Warehouse automate solutions

Monitoring and Dispatching System

IYARA WANICH Warehouse automate solutions

Digital Twin and Simulation Solutions

IYARA WANICH Warehouse automate solutions

WMS : Warehouse Management System

IYARA WANICH Warehouse automate solutions

MES : Manufacturing Execution System

IYARA WANICH Warehouse automate solutions

Intelligent Kanban software

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