Instant Product by IYARA WANICH  Off the shelf steel structure design and manufacture convenient, fast and economical buildings. Various products include Easy Store , EASY STORE PLUS  , Easy Car Park  and Quick Labour Camp.\

Easy Store Plus

New instant product by IYARA WANIC With function, it can accommodate the installation of five tons, and the solid buckle system saves time. According to American design standards, the design works are composed of three sizes and six. In order to meet the needs of customers, large prefabricated steel structures.

Easy Store

EASY STORE   innovative building to store finished products in the form of Instant Product rights cooperation particular Ranbuild × Ayara commerce store building blocks of a new concept for quick and easy installation and save on all components. It is a material in the NS BlueScope Lysaght (Thailand) group , ensuring that every part of the EASY STORE is standard. 

Quick Labour Camp

Ranbuild, the leader in prefabricated steel buildings for over 50 years from Australia. Invented a new innovation " Quick Labor Camp" prefabricated steel building structure for workers housing. It is convenient, fast and more economical because when used, it can be disassembled and reassembled for reuse. It is also easy to install. All components are made of materials in the NS BlueScope Lysaght (Thailand) group , ensuring that every component

Easy Car Park

Prefabricated parking buildings are more convenient, faster and more economical. Easy installation as all components are made of
NS BlueScope Lysaght(Thailand)  materials, ensuring that every part of EASY Car Park is of a certain standard.