Design and Building.

Iyara Wanich Company Limited is an expert in pre-engineered warehouse/factory that respond customer needed by expert designers, engineer teams and construction advisors and guarantee by long experience warehouse and factory construction and have been trusted from customers.

Construction design follow customer needed.

Construction according to the model and the requirements of customers in the pre-engineered system. The company has design teams, architects, engineers to advices closely equipped with modern machinery and technology, making it possible to deliver the work to the customer according to the correct form with quality standards at reasonable prices.

Warehouse and factory design with complete construction.

The company is fully equipped personnel, design teams, architects, experienced engineers and ready to provide consultation, design and certification to provide fast service and standardized under the concept of one-stop service, both design work construction of warehouses and factories.

Examples of Iyara Wanich's works

Factory Building

Build a ready-made factory by EASYBUILD products. Construction of an industrial factory with high quality steel structure, strong, durable, according to engineering standards.

Warehoue Building

Ready-made warehouse construction services EASYBUILD Construction of warehouses, warehouses, distribution centers. with high quality steel structure Standards according to engineering principles